Meet the Bros​​​​

The Barker Brothers is a folk rock duo out of the Philadelphia area. Since 2010, Colin and Justin Barker have been making music as brothers. Together they write personal songs about life experiences, relationships, and stories. They play their music because it brings them joy and excitement with the sole purpose to experience these emotions with others. This is the story of two sailors.

Colin and Justin broing out before the Album Release.

Colin Barker

Justin Barker

Backing Vocals / Percussion / Guitar / Harmonica

Lead Vocals / Guitar

From his roots as a rock drummer, Colin Barker has always been one with a lot of energy to spare. Whether it be pounding on the drums, jumping out of planes, or living out of a van in Iceland, Colin always has his next adventure planned, if not booked. After struggling to keep up with piano classes in elementary            
   ​​There is not much to say about Justin Barker. He grew up a nerd, and will forever be a nerd. He spends most of histime playing video games and giggling at the train that runs by his house. He hasn't done much and most likely won't do much in his life time. He is the very boring lead singer. He has learned everything he has ever known about everything from Colin, and he admires him so much. 
Honestly, without Colin Justin Barker would not even have a bio on here. 
school, he ended up taking high school guitar class. This decision changed everything. His immediate success lit a fire in Justin to pick up guitar as well. Then, the transition to drums was made when their father, Toz, brought his drum kit back from his office (ya you heard that right). Colin began banging on the drums everyday after school. Before they knew it, a band had started that entered competitions and open mic nights, changing the course of history forever. Now Colin resides in his city of  Philadelphia. He rocks.     
Anyway, back to Colin. The family dog is named Pepper, and Pepper believes that Colin is the Alpha. Like most situations, Colin always calls the shots and Pepper can be seen at Colin's heel at all times. Thus, is the way of the Barker household and how important Colin is to the world. We will keep you updated on what Colin will be doing next in his life because it should be worldwide breaking news. Thanks again for tuning in. This was written by Justin Barker

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